Call me Choi Kyong Kofuu.
I'm a French girl, 96 line, with asian eyes.
Music, Kpop world and arts rule my heart.
U-Kiss is my credo ~ But I also like a lot of other bands ! Ask me for a drawing/gif/edits teehee~

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The ASC Mcs VS Royal Pirates - Dance Battle - 15& “Sugar”

No comment on Eric and Royal Pirates dancing but Kevin’s dance had enough soul for everybody up in that room…get it Kev….

P.S. Jimin’s bbuing bbuing while bouncing up and down…gurl pls.

ASC Ep.99 Chuseok Special with Royal Pirates


you’re so cute .. ㅠㅠ


Whorebin touching Jongsuk’s thigh.


Keric is back!


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how jin umma hyung sees his members; taehyung ver.

In case you need more reasons to stan U-KISS:
12 /  - Serious Acting edition

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