Call me Choi Kyong Kofuu.
I'm a French girl, 96 line, with asian eyes.
Music, Kpop world and arts rule my heart.
U-Kiss is my credo ~ But I also like a lot of other bands ! Ask me for a drawing/gif/edits teehee~

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Asian kids, y’all don’t have to go to college to be politicians, doctors, lawyers, or other form of public servant. If it is not meant for you, you can quit it and QUIT IT EARLY.

"Jhameel was once set on the path to officer-ship in the United States Army. Although his linguistic skills in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian would have been highly rewarded in the military, Jhameel quit the program before signing an irrevocable contract due to personal beliefs about the US presence in the Middle East. He then earned a degree in Arabic from UC Berkeley within just two years, graduating summa cum laude. Immediately after, he began his career in music. Jhameel’s songs have been featured prominently featured in ad campaigns for Forever 21 and Verizon, and can be heard in H&M and American Eagle stores worldwide. With his relentlessly catchy melodies and surprisingly intricate lyricism, Jhameel cleaves out space for his own brand of edgy, creative, thoughtful dance-pop.” - KCONUSA

kevin woo + textposts (・∀・)♪

v crumping in the hallway (x)


Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell


Please someone tell me Julie Andrews saw this lol

Who let this kid rap again…trans

the epic english speaking line doing the ice bucket challenge


Park HyunSeo (박현서)




Damn, that face. 

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